11 snow boots for women to trek through winter in style

November 23, 2022

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When we look good, we feel good — and when it’s cold and wintry, everyone could use a little mood boost, right? Thankfully, when it comes to dressing our best when the temperatures drop, we don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. That is, at least, with these snow boots for women that can withstand not only the freezing weather but the wet elements, too.

What to Consider

Shaft Height

Depending on how much snow you typically get in your area, you’ll want to purchase a boot that is tall enough to withstand it. For locations prone to blizzards, taller boots will be a better option as they will be able to support you both on days when there’s only a dusting, as well as on days when you’ll need to take out the plow.


While logically, snow boots should all be waterproof, there are some that have trims or linings that don’t keep that in mind. Fur and sherpa, for instance, are common on many boots, so think about how you plan to wear yours: If you’re going sledding or building snowmen, make sure you choose a pair that is entirely waterproof. But if yours are more for running errands on snowy days, you can opt for those with those trendy fabric linings and materials.

Closure Type

Some come with zippers, others come with laces. Again, this is another instance in which it’s important to consider what you’ll be doing as you trek around in these boots. Case in point: You probably won’t want to stop to re-tie your boots in the middle of a snowball fight, so zippers might be the better option there.

With those considerations in mind, it’s time to find your perfect snow boot match (or two).



Moon Boot Tecnica Original Monaco Low Snow Boots


Not all snow shoes are created boring, and these Moon Boots prove it. They’ll certainly steal the spotlight by giving you that “snow bunny” aesthetic wherever you stroll. Looks aside, though, these waterproof boots are equally warm and cozy as they’re lined with microfleece and include an EVA foam midsole for cushion and support.


Sporty Sneaker Boot

The North Face ThermoBall Pull-On Boots


We love these snow boots by The North Face for everyday wear in the winter. They’re the perfect cross between a sneaker and a boot, making them super versatile.

These stunners aren’t all looks, though, as they also guarantee dryness thanks to their DryVent construction and recycled insulation. Oh, and they even have a comfy OrthoLite footbed.


A Subtle Gray

Columbia Ice Maiden II Snow Boots


Simple yet sophisticated, these high-shaft gray snow boots can be worn with anything from jeans and leggings to snow pants and sweats. Plus, their advanced moisture-wicking technology keeps wetness out while 200g insulation keeps warmth in.


For The Feminine Adventurer

Skechers Waterproof Cold Weather Boot


For a more feminine boot with a pop of pink, we can’t help swooning over these Skechers snow boots. Not only do they feature 200g insulation and waterproof seam seals to keep your tootsies toasty, but they also have a memory foam insole for ultimate comfort.


Chic And Affordable

CIOR Water-Resistant Fur-Lined Snow Boots


If there’s something we love more than versatile shoes, it’s affordable finds, and these CIOR snow boots check both boxes. They can be worn with any winter outfit, for any activity, at any time. Did we mention that they’re under $60 and come in 28 different color options? Yeah, that too.


Affordable Duck Boot

Sperry Saltwater Snow Boots


There’s a reason duck boots have been around for ages and it’s certainly related to their comfort and versatility. We love these Sperry snow boots because they can also be worn sans blizzard as a regular everyday or rain boot, and it doesn’t have to be below freezing to do so.


A Fashion Statement

ASH Maxi Purple Puffy Platform Boots


Though they certainly have a higher price tag, these boots are perfect for the fashionista. They’re adorable (hello, platform and purple puff), for starters, but they are also uber warm and cozy. Who wouldn’t love a puffer coat for their cold feet?


A Sleek Silver Pick

totes Women’s JAMI Snow Boot


We trust totes for our umbrellas, so we trust totes for our waterproof boots, too. These chic silver classics are both stylish and functional, making them an easy go-to during those winter months. Whether you wear them to keep your feet dry, warm, or both, you’ll be thrilled to have these on hand foot.


Cute And Functional

BEARPAW Marina Hickory Snow Boots


These stunning Bearpaw boots may not look waterproof because of the gorgeous sheepskin and wool blend design, but looks can be deceiving! They feature a NeverWet technology that will keep your feet dry on rainy or snowy days.


Most Versatile

Sorel Out ‘N About III Classic Waterproof Boots


If you want a modern twist on a winter boot, these Sorel booties deliver. They feature traction, insulation, waterproofing, and comfort, so you never have to sacrifice for the sake of fashion (nobody has time for that).

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